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Site stuff

((6-11-02)) I'm back! doing soe re-vamping of the site, gonna add more stuff asap

((2-26-02)) added the rest of the Zeon mecha, still need to add the ships and zeon vehicles

((2-12-02))  umm re-doing and finishing the mecha, useing Gundam Explanation mecha pics, I re-sized them to 50% so if you want full quality go to Gundam Explanation

((11-12-01)) ok back here again ok not much new episode 1 picts are up courtesy of gundam plus go and thank him!

((9-6-01))  Welcome to  MSG Unlimited where MSG is no longer a foodstuff!

((9-10-01)) This is my personal opinion.  I dont really like MSG the plot's ok and the characters are too but the gundams+people are very sketchy and often don't move right.  I wouldnt be at all surprised if MSG was taken off a run or two early 'cause the animation is crummy.  

((9-10-01)) Mecha is coming along nicely and I hope to have it done soon characters will follow and story synopsis+galleries as soon as I find some summaries to put here cause I can't do them at all and I have no way to get screen clips cause I dont have any DVD's or a good camera!!